X-Ray Security Inspection

Fast, Accurate Security Inspection for Schools, Hospitals & Businesses.

Early detection and prevention of dangerous threats such as weapons and drugs help keep people safe without worry of threat to safety. Step Up Security now offers the latest portable X-ray inspection system as part of our Manned Security Guard service. This state of the art detection system provides ultra-clear images for easy object identification and can conduct fast searches with accuracy and discretion. 


Improved Safety in Schools

With the increase of criminal violence and attacks within schools, the focus on student and staff safety is of vital importance. It is essential that students and staff feel safe and secure at all times. Step Up Security’s advanced portable x-ray systems can help reduce high risk incidents and ensure that your educational establishment benefits from the right security solution to counter possible and detrimental attacks, hooliganism, assaults and theft. Routine X-ray security inspection could save lives.

Reduction of Theft & Substance Abuse in Workplace

Step Up Security’s advanced portable x-ray systems can help your workplace run problem-free. We can conduct regular fast searches with accuracy and discretion and help resolve difficult-to-investigate situations such as stolen property, substance abuse and theft of trade secrets.

Extra Peace of Mind for Hospitals

 Hospitals, medical centres and staff are prime targets for criminals and drug users. Step Up Security’s advanced portable x-ray systems provide the ideal deterrent and added protection for patients, staff and visitors, and extra piece of mind. In this case, prevention is better than the cure.

Step Up your Security with X-Ray Inspection

Step Up Security is a leading Security firm servicing businesses across North West England and beyond. We are also one of the most established and successful providers with more than 60 years combined experience within the security industry and Armed Forces.

With an outstanding portfolio of security services, reliable track record and highly competitive prices, Step Up Security know what it takes to protect people and profits.