Remote Monitoring

Step Up Security are SSAIB approved for the Design, Installation, Corrective and Preventative Maintenance of CCTV with the requirements of SSAIB code of practice SS2003

Step Up Security can offer you 24/7 Remote monitoring of your CCTV with a Rapid Response to any incidents.

We offer the complete package:

  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Remotely Monitor
  • Advise on the most cost effective solutions to monitoring your CCTV

We can even set your iPhone or similar phone up so you can have peace of mind and monitor your own systems too.

Schools and University Halls of Residence
Step Up Security are working on numerous Halls of residence across the UK, so we are familiar with the various problems you can encounter from:

  • A student losing his keys.
  • Trespassers posing as students to commit thefts, Anti social behaviour, to name but a few.

We provide experienced professional staff who are there to not only protect and secure the property and its contents but also we play a key role in assisting students and visitors being approachable and helpful but at all times vigilant.

We can install one of our mobile CCTV towers with detectors, IR lamps and Public address system at any location no matter how remote. These systems are connected to our monitoring station through a 3G satellite allowing our controller to speak to any potential thief/intruder warning them they are being recorded and Step Up’s Response team and  Police have been called and are on their way.

We can also provide Handlers and Dogs which are trained to sniff out drugs and weapons which are unfortunately associated with a minority of revelers. Just the sight of a dog and handler can be enough to discourage anyone from taking weapons or drugs to any event we secure.