Hospitals & Medical Centres

Step Up Security are providing security services to Merseycare NHS.

Hospitals are extremely high risk environments. Their 24/7 open entrances combined with constant flows of human traffic, expensive medical equipment, computers and accessibility to drugs make them lucrative targets for professional criminals, intruders, attackers and drug addicts.

Total Peace of Mind

Step Up Security can provide static or patrolling security officers will monitor your building round the clock. Our Security Officer’s are SIA licensed, CRB checked and scrupulously vetted before being taken on. They are experts in health and safety, conflict and anger management, fire fighting and prevention. We can also advise and install CCTV solutions and provide trained personnel to watch over you. In short, we can provide a highly proficient security service that gives you total peace of mind.

Security Management & Prevention Programmes

Our experience has shown that in many situations, a proactive approach to security can minimise and defuse potential risks and threats. In the case of security and safety in hospitals and medical centres, prevention can be just as effective as the cure.

Our security management programme is designed to help medical and support staff question their own buildings and individual security measures, and show you how to make your premises and patients safer, and less attractive to criminals, intruders attackers and drug addicts.

Step Up Security acknowledge that all medical centres differ in size, however many of the issues revolving around security are generic.

Step Up Your Hospital Security today

Step Up Security is a leading Security firm servicing businesses across North West England and beyond. We are also one of the most established and successful providers with more than 60 years combined experience within the security industry and Armed Forces.

With an outstanding portfolio of security services, reliable track record and highly competitive prices, Step Up Security know what it takes to protect Industrial and Commercial businesses.