Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is an increasing problem.

Positive and assertive action by Step Up Security professionals can reduce risk and incident to law-abiding public and property. 

Recent times have seen radical disruption to the fabric of society, its laws and our way of life by bullies and street gangs who think they are above the law- causing harm to innocent citizens and destruction of property.

Reducing Conflict & Providing Protection

As a professional security service provider, Step Up Security now employ Anti Social Behaviour Managers/ Supervisors who are fully trained an experienced in dealing with ASBO, who can seek out potential problems and monitor them covertly.

Step Up Security are working actively and in partnership with Local Authorities and Police by gathering evidence against persistent offenders in the form of reports, pictures and video surveillance, to help prosecute and issue Anti Social Behaviour Orders.


Right now, Step Up Security’s ASB Teams are helping many Local Authorities by patrolling as Mobile Street Wardens, making troublemakers fully aware that they are being monitored, and giving law-abiding residents the much-needed support and confidence that real help is just phone call away.

Step Up Security’s ASB Teams have many years experience recognising the anti social behavioral patterns of would-be troublemakers and gangs, and can act as your vigilant eye 24 hours a day, in the fight against wilful damage to property, disruption of local services and harm to innocent citizens.

Step Up your Anti-Social Behaviour Security Today

Step Up Security is a leading Security firm servicing businesses across North West England and beyond. We are also one of the most established and successful providers with more than 60 years combined experience within the security industry and Armed Forces.

With an outstanding portfolio of security services, reliable track record and highly competitive prices, Step Up Security know what it takes to protect local services, buildings and people.

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