Public Sector Security

In today’s unstable and financially challenging economy, public sector organisations are seeking best value services without compromising quality and performance.

Furthermore, with increasing issues surrounding the safety of front-line staff from disruptive visitors and attackers, the need for a proven security company with experience working within the Public Sector is of paramount importance.

A Track Record of Public Sector Security

Step Up Security have extensive experience working alongside local authorities, and have built up an in-depth understanding of the security issues that necessitate the protection and safeguarding of premises, data, supplies, employees and customers.

Effective Protection for Front-line Workers & Customers

Step Up Security have the physical manpower who are trained to the very highest standards, are SIA licensed and CRB checked. They are trained to detect and defuse risks to frontline reception and open office employees and visiting customers, from troublemakers and would-be attackers effectively and discretely. Furthermore, Step Up Security Officers are experts in health and safety, First Aid, conflict and anger management, fire fighting and prevention.

Keeping a Vigilant Eye on People & Premises

CCTV surveillance is a realistic deterrent against front-line conflicts, fraud and theft. CCTV provides vital recorded evidence for the police and authorities.

Many public sector organisations and local authorities choose Step Up Security regularly for their CCTV surveillance needs. Our Security Officers have many years experience recognising the tell-tale patterns of troublemakers, attackers and criminals, and can act as your watchful eye 24 hours a day, in the fight against wilful damage to premises, workplace disruption and harm to innocent employees and visitors.

Step Up Security’s CCTV surveillance also provides peace of mind, especially in places such as car parks, dimly lit areas and other places where people feel vulnerable. We are experienced in providing CCTV to government buildings and public services buildings and public access areas.

Step Up your Public Sector Security today

Step Up Security is a leading Security firm servicing businesses across North West England and beyond. We are also one of the most established and successful providers with more than 60 years combined experience within the security industry and Armed Forces.

With an outstanding portfolio of security services, reliable track record and highly competitive prices, Step Up Security know what it takes to protect local services, buildings and people.