Key Holding

Step Up Security provide fully insured, Key Holding Services for commercial and domestic customers in accordance with BS7984 requirements from just £1 per day.

Any keys we hold at our Control Centre are coded and all movements are security cleared and recorded.

If our attendance is required our key holding service can link directly with our Incident Response Team, thereby removing the need for and risk of having your own staff attend.

We also offer a Key Holder Escorted Access Service’. We can meet a dedicated member of your staff at an agreed location in the event of alarm activation. The Security Officer will accompany the staff member to check the premises and carry out any further action as required.

Dog & Handler Service


The ideal complement to our Key Holding service. We can even attend your premises with a Dog and Handler who are perfect for searching premises that may have thieves hiding within the building. We send our highly trained dog in to the building and he/she will escort the suspect out of the building to our handler in a controlled fashion without biting the suspect.

Our dogs will bark loudly and stay with the trespasser/ thief until the Handler ensures they have no weapons and they would then be handed over to the authorities. After which a detailed report will be given to our client.

Why not visit our training facility and see our dogs in action? Alternatively we will happily do a demonstration at your premises, call 0800 3777 570, request a call back or learn more about our Dog and Handler service »